X-Hot Red Chile Sauce (Retail)

X-Hot Red Chile Sauce (Retail)

Los Roast

This folks is a classic New Mexican Red Chile Sauce, but I would certainly not say it's ordinary. Use it as you would a classic chile sauce (i.e. enchiladas, queso dip, etc.), but expect an incredible burst of vibrant X-hot hatch flavor with an all-around smooth finish. 

Made with premium New Mexico grown red chile pods and balanced out with a bit of raw honey.

And by the way, turns out this and the rest of the Los Roast sauces are good as a pizza sauce. Thought you should know. 

12 oz jar

Ingredients: Certified New Mexico Grown Red Chile pods, water, rice flour, lime juice, Jacobsen Salt Co. sea salt, honey, garlic, onion, spices

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