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Kampot & Salt

Kampot & Salt

Curio Spice Co.

A Cambodian Black Pepper with Maine Sea Salt. Kampot Pepper is a rare peppercorn from Southern Cambodia. This pepper growing region is protected by a Geographic Designation of Origin by the EU for production of this fine pepper grown organically with the highest quality standards. This blend combines Kampot black pepper and traditional Cambodian flavors with Maine Sea Salt to make a bright, refreshing blend perfect for tossing with vegetables, adding to dressing, rubbing into meat, or even as a salt rim for margaritas!

Net Weight: 2.7 oz

Ingredients: Cambodian Kampot pepper, sea salt, ginger, lime, tarragon

Sample Note: If you'd like to try a bottle, or would like one to give out samples, please add a sample to your order; we'll waive the cost along with a full case order, or credit it back if you order a case in the future.

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