Whole Spelt (Macs) (Retail)

Whole Spelt (Macs) (Retail)

Baia Pasta

The Pasta: Baia Pasta's whole spelt pasta is made with an organic flour from Washington State and Montana and characterized by an extraction rate at the mill close to 98%.. This means that the flour maintains all the fibers and nutrients of the whole grain. Bold and absolutely tasty, this pasta has all the nutty, complex flavor of spelt, with the classic grassy and brambly flavor tones of a whole gain. The color of the flour is dark brown and the noodles are very toothsome when cooked. The Cut - Macs (Maccheroni): From the Greek “makaria” or “food of the blessed”. No wonder they’re synonymous for “pasta”. Short curvy tubes, they are a very traditional Italian shape.

16 net wt. oz

Ingredients: whole spelt, water

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