Organic Whole Durum Wheat (Sardinians) (Retail)

Organic Whole Durum Wheat (Sardinians) (Retail)

Baia Pasta

The Pasta: This pasta is 100% from wheat harvested at Kenter Canyon Farms, under the expert guidance of Andrea Crawford, who has recently decided to grow organic durum in her fields in Imperial Valley. The durum variety she has chosen to grow there is the Miwok: it is a relatively new variety developed in California, a perfect fit for the particular conditions of the Imperial Valley, where cadmium levels in the soils are high. Because the Miwok variety does not extract cadmium from the soils, it grows exceptionally well in the Imperial Valley. Most important, it has an extremely pleasant, prolonged nutty flavor, and a high content in proteins, which makes an elastic, strong pasta with a satisfying bite. The Cut - Sardinians (Gnocchetti Sardi): Originated in the Italian island of Sardinia, they are a simple but versatile cut. Literally “small dumplings” in Italian. Kids love them!

16 net wt. oz

Ingredients: organic whole durum wheat, water

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