Durum Flavored (Elbows) (Retail)

Durum Flavored (Elbows) (Retail)

Baia Pasta

The Pasta: Baia Pasta uses powdered vegetables and spices to flavor their organic durum semolina pasta. Their organic durum wheat flour comes predominantly from the Rocky Mountains region of the US and is a blend of different flours. The grain is milled finely to allow a consistent extrusion. The extraction rate they ask of their miller is much higher than average (70% instead of 60-65%) in order to have a semolina richer in nutrients and minerals. Hence, the flavor of the semolina, exalted by our slow-drying and cold water kneading techniques, is deeper and more complex. The Cut - Elbows (Gomiti): Their versatile shape serves both as a cup and a tube, making it an excellent vessel for trapping chunky, heavy sauces. Also works well baked or au gratin.

16 net wt. oz

Ingredients: durum wheat, water

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