Smoked Honey Sauce Squeezer (Retail)

Smoked Honey Sauce Squeezer (Retail)

Bee Local

Bee Local Smoked Honey Sauce is an irreplaceable condiment and powerful weapon in your culinary arsenal. Smoky, sweet, and addictive, it's good on just about anything. Starting with sustainably-produced Bee Local honey, they cold-smoke it, infuse the smoked honey with Lapsang Souchong (smoked tea), and then add a touch of apple cider vinegar for balance. The result is one of the most distinctive and addictive products they've created to date. Bee Local Smoked Honey Sauce brings a sweet, smoky, and savory boost to your favorite foods: all manner of BBQ (pulled pork shoulder, ribs, brisket), tacos, cheeses, roasted vegetables, fried chicken, and more.

8 fl oz

Ingredients: cherrywood smoked honey, apple cider vinegar, lapsang souchong tea

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