Wholesale & Distribution

It all started with mustard. So, let me back up a bit.

Upon launching Mustard and Co. in 2013, we decided to focus on relationships with shops all around the country. We found the most special specialty stores, the friendliest grocers, the smelliest cheese shops, and the freshest meat shops. In doing so, we realized that these shops love what we love: the best products made by the hands on, crafty makers like ourselves. We also began to notice that the owners and staff of these shops are super busy, in part because of all of the lovely makers that they maintain relationships with. And so, we decided, why not take these two observations and make them a bit easier for everyone. 

It's our aspiration to:

  • Curate the best products we can get our hands on; the ones we love to have in our pantry, shops love to stock, and tell a story of their own. If you like one of the products we carry, chances are you'll like 'em all.
  • Work with the best shops in every nook and cranny of the country. 
  • Save everyone time. Buyers don't have buttloads of time and neither do makers. Let us tack on a bit more to what we're already doing - since we're already doing it (making deliveries, visiting buyers, writing emails), we might as well do it for more than just mustard.

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Distribution for Buyers

Distribution for Makers