We love our brands, but we love our products that makeup those brands even more. And because we're sure you love your brand too, and we're confident you'll love our products, we now officially have a private label program. For any of the products we make in-house here at Stocked Kitchens, we can make for you and label with your brand. Below is the general and short gist of how it works. Should you be interested, please contact Bryan at bryan@stockedgeneral.com or the contact form here.
  • No strict minimums.
  • Flat run startup cost per variety: $50, waived for 480 units or more. 
  • Per unit cost is based on particular item and quantity, with price breaks the larger the quantity.
  • We ask for a 3 week lead time once we have everything situated for the first run. 
  • We work with wineries, breweries, independent stores, catalogs, kitchen shops, grocery, etc. 
  • We have mustards, salad dressings, oils + vinegars, honey, spice blends, and more. Browse all of the product options here
For labels, you can either send yours direct to us, have us order them for you (we'd pass along the cost), or help you with the design and ordering (an hourly design cost would apply).