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Stocked has set out to do one thing: inspire the use of great products every day. We are a local community of food entrepreneurs sharing ideas, resources, and a communal space. We craft a variety of small batch items in-house, all with special attention given to simple ingredients, bold flavors, and striking packaging. We work with 500+ specialty shops, markets, and restaurants across the nation to share our products with the world. Through shared resources and collaboration we’ve realized we’re better together than separate. 

Before Stocked, our founder Bryan Mitchiner was co-founder of Mustard and Co. In 2013, he and Justin Hoffman started making small-batch mustard in the back of a commercial kitchen. While growing the business, Bryan took inspiration from all of the other makers in Seattle, and decided that he wanted to share more than bold mustards. Through Stocked, we now do just that. You'll find all of our in-house brands, as well as other products that we love, all of which have their own stories to tell.

As of November 2019, Stocked General Store is now part of the Locivore Family! Locivore is a Washington Social Purpose Corporation on a mission to bolster the resiliency of local communities through engaging and building regenerative food systems. As a team of chefs, former farmers, and system thinkers (see Micah, Pierson & Rebekah below), we know that independent farms and producers struggle with finding adequate and affordable distribution. We are passionate about connecting specialty food producers and makers to the community of small businesses and shops that work every day with Stocked to bring independent brands and quality products into their communities.

Meet our team.


Dominic Plasencia

Account Management and Fulfillment

From his childhood in the cattle pens of Idaho to his adolescence spent in the wild expanses of Alaska, Dominic has developed a strong work ethic and a deep connection to natural food sources. As a boy on his family’s small farm, he assisted with raising livestock and gained a deep respect for the treatment of animals outside of the industrial farming complex. After moving to Alaska in his early teens, he was introduced to the seasonal cycle of harvesting berries, fish, wild game and other resources. This cycle is not only a right of passage for many people who call Alaska home, but Alaska Native people rely on this subsistence lifestyle as a necessary part of their culture. Dominic is proud to foster this culture alongside his Dena’ina and Yup’ik wife Chrisdene, who’s family has been utilizing these practices on their native land for generations. 

Dominic joined the team in 2016 with the goal of injecting his hard working attitude and love of all things wild to the Stocked bloodstream. Dom manages and fulfills wholesale and shipping accounts, works on product development, and assists in copywriting. When not at the packing table, or out connecting with accounts, you’ll find him throwing discs at the local course, discovering the next great beer in the city with his wife, or in a cuddle puddle with their two dogs Jango and Clover.


Lois Minzer


Not too long before magical decade of the 90s began, Lois Mintzer came into the world. Raised in a large family, Lois was the one child of the family with a crayon in one hand and a leaf, flower or twig in the other—and very likely to be found outside in a tree or inside draing horses. 

Nowadays, the crayon has turned into pencil (sometimes a paintbrush, or pliers, or sewing needle) and Lois is likely to be found playing in her garden with her border collie mix, Echo. When she’s not adventuring with her dog or making art, Lois likes to teach martial arts and make the delicious and exciting products at Stocked.


Micah Mowrey


Food is fundamental. For some it is at the center of their focus, for others it’s like the paint on the walls - maybe you notice it, maybe you don't. Yet all of us eat or we die.

Born and raised in Alaska, Micah learned about the intense respect that Native Alaskan culture has for their food sources. That interest, and the influence of growing up in a restaurant, led him to explore the world working as a traveling chef throughout Asia, Europe, and the USA. 

Micah sees food as an opportunity to educate and bring people together, to make massive improvements in the quality of our daily life, and increase the health of ourselves and community. He is a co-founder of Locivore, a Washington Social Purpose Corporation and parent company of Stocked General. Locivore’s mission is to bolster the resiliency of local communities through engagement with, and building regenerative food systems.

Today his goal is to create a diet that feeds our whole food system, that enriches our children's lives, and increases the biodiversity of our ecosystems. To do so he blends inspiration from Kaiseki, Native American, rustic Italian, and medieval French cuisines and brings their values to the Pacific Northwest. He can usually be found outside cooking over a wood fire or working on the foundations of a local King County cuisine. More at


Pierson Shimon


Food is Pierson’s life, and cooking the catalyst that has fueled his passion. The ultimate truth seeker, he is constantly asking big questions and relentlessly digging deeper to focus on the bigger picture.  He is often heard discussing the importance of farms and to get your hands in the dirt. Farming and cooking are the ways Pierson connects to the world we live in. Farming has taught Pierson many lessons, but the glaring truth is the underlying importance to accessible fresh food. Intuitively he knows that local fresh ingredients are the foundation of delicious and nutritious food.

Pierson studied culinary arts, spent 15 years working in a James Beard Awarded restaurant, and has even cooked for President Obama on multiple occasions. Despite his resume and experience, he still understands how daunting it can be to learn to cook from scratch.  He has made it his focus to pave the road and show how easy it can actually be to provide for oneself and the profound rippling effect that cooking skills can have.  


Rebekah Papé

Culture & Community

A systems thinker by training and a designer at heart, Rebekah is passionate about exploring and nurturing community through collaboration and reflective practice focused on consensus-based outcomes.  She blends training in New Economy holistic business principles, NVC methodology, and Integrated Skills for Sustainable Change to shape a thriving company culture. Learn more about her work and passion for regenerative food systems here.

Rebekah holds an MA from Antioch University in Whole Systems Design, specializing in Sustainable Food Systems, Permaculture Design, and Sustainable Change. She has 200 hr and 500 hr yoga teacher certifications with advanced training in Ayurveda, Pranayama, Meditation, and Compassionate Communication.  Rebekah recently completed the Next Economy Business Fundamentals Course with the second cohort of the Lift Economy MBA Program.


Steph Grimm


When not stirring up elderberry syrup, jarring delicious spice blends, or packing your orders, Steph teaches StrongFirst kettlebell skills at Krav Maga Seattle. A former collegiate cross country/track and field athlete and coach, she is the founder and CEO of men’s running apparel brand Sasquatch Running Company, which is currently in the product development stage for its flagship shorts. She enjoys hiking with her husband, Thorin, and their mini dachshund, Pip, and collaborating on screenplays with her brother.

A Pennsylvania transplant, Steph moved to Seattle in 2015 and worked in program administration at UW and human resources at Wrench, Inc. prior to joining the Stocked team. She holds an MS in Sport Management from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania.


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