Having started our own specialty foods company (a la Mustard and Co.), we understand what it takes to get into the best shops around. It starts with the product, which is why we only work with brands that not only taste out of this world, but are equally as beautiful. From there we place a heavy emphasis on sales, because let's face it, as much as the product speaks for itself, it's not going make calls and write emails. Last, but certainly not least, the numbers have to pencil out, and we'll do what we can to set everyone up for success.

Access to shops

We have relationships with 350+ shops around the country that love the products we stock. Chances are they'll love yours too.

Emphasis on manageable growth

We know it takes sales to grow. We'll work with you to monitor how quickly you'd like to grow, starting with smaller purchase orders at a higher frequency as opposed to larger, irregular and demanding purchases.


We are big proponents of transparency. We want you to know where your product is being sold, who has seen samples, who likes it, who doesn't, how each store is doing, etcetera. If you're connected the whole way through, we're both setup for success.


Beyond providing the support in sales and distribution we emphasize, we can help setup demos, provide marketing materials, share vendor relationships, etc. We've been there and we're here to help.


We ask for an average margin of 20%.


Founder: Bryan Mitchiner


(734) 904-9877

Or feel free to drop us a line below!