Stocked started before we even knew it. And it went by the name of Mustard and Co., our founding brand. As we developed Mustard and Co. day by day, we started brainstorming all of the other like minded food brands we could create. Products we thought would be fun to make and market. And so when we launched Stocked Distribution and opened Stocked Studios, we knew Stocked Kitchens had to be apart of it. Stocked Kitchens is our food lab here at Stocked Studios, where we design and develop new brands. Here you’ll find everything we've dreamt up and make in-house, from scratch. Each one of them is a Stocked Kitchens brand and each of them is inspired by someone we know or some experience we've shared. Keep an eye on us, as we have plans for lots more.

Bro Joe's Lil' Dressings

Joe, our bro, has a desk here at Stocked Studios. Bro Joe loves salad. But, as Bro Joe told us one day, "I buy a big bottle of salad dressing, use it once, let is sit in my fridge for two years, then have to throw it out." Well Bro Joe, these lil' 4 oz bottles of salad dressing are for you, and for all the others out there that share the same salad misery.

The lineup

Everything on Everything

Everything On Everything owes its existence to the genius who invented the Everything Bagel. Our thought was: why stop with bagels? EOE is everything you need to make everything taste a bit like an Everything Bagel. Sprinkle a pinch on hummus, roasted veggies, white fish, your morning eggs, on salads, pasta dishes, etc. Heck, you can even take a boring plain bagel and turn it into an Everything Bagel :)

the lineup