The General Story of Stocked

Stocked has set out to do one thing: inspire the use of great products everyday. Our goal is to not only provide the products we can, but also share the others that we discover in our day-to-day findings.

Stocked started before we even knew it. Our founder, Bryan, is also co-founder of Mustard and Co., which started in 2013. He began to take inspiration from those that came before and after them, and knew that he wanted to share more beyond their bold mustard. Through Stocked, we now are able to do that. Here you’ll find some of our favorite products that we’ve come across, all of which have their own stories to tell.

In addition to the online store you’ll find here, we work with some of the best shops around America. Read more about our Wholesale & Distribution opportunities using the navigation above.

Meet our team:


Bryan Mitchiner, Founder

Our CEO, condiment guru, and sales-extraordinaire. Bryan brings in all of the products here at Stocked, and works directly with the business owners to make sure that we understand their stories. Then, he helps them to get into the 400+ stores that we work with across the states. When Bryan isn’t doing CEO things, he’s either goofing off or playing competitive ping-pong, that’s it.


Michael Callahan, Sales & Fulfillment

Callahan makes one of those products that we love, Callahan’s Hot Sauces. He’s the man responsible for packing each and every package to ensure the safest delivery to all of you. To say he’s a caring man is an understatement. Receive one of his boxes and you’ll know exactly what we mean. He also delivers to all sorts of local joints here in the Seattle area, so you might see him around stocking shelves. Be sure to say hello if you do!

Krista Nelson, Marketing

Krista takes all of our photos, runs the website, blog, and social media accounts, sets up events and workshops, and just to round it out, does some product development on the side. When she’s not doing any of the above or running KBC, she’s probably stalking instagram accounts in search of inspiration. If you find any typos on our website, be sure to drop her a line :)  

Julie Jones, Operations

This NorCal/MidWest/now Seattle girl came to us in Summer 2016, shortly after moving here. She discovered our products while working at a local market, and with her experience running operations for a small jam company back in Wisconsin, it was the perfect fit. Julie has worked to streamline all of our processes, handles our incoming and outgoing shipments, and we're pretty sure that no one can organize filing cabinets quite like she can.


Justin Hoffman, Production and Product Development

In a fit of inspiration Justin first created Mustard and Co.’s Honey Curry mustard recipe, which launched Mustard and Co. onto the specialty food scene. His love for unusual ingredients and willingness to eschew convention have helped guide Mustard and Co., and now Stocked, into becoming what it is today. He runs our production kitchen here at Stocked Studios, and when he’s not making mustard, he helps out with our in-house products, like Georgetown Pantry Supply.

Photo coming soon!

KC, Gestures by Stocked

KC happens to be Michael’s neighbor here in Seattle. They got to talking one day, and KC expressed that she dreamed of founding a custom gifting business, of sorts. Michael introduced KC to Bryan, and shortly after Gestures by Stocked was created. KC sorts through all of the coolest local products and curates them into custom gift sets using re-usable tote bags. In addition, she works at a rad business right here in Ballard that hosts cooking classes and culinary events. 



Have a note for us? Feel free to contact each of us at the emails above, or use the form below.