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9 - Smoked Chili Pepper Infused

9 - Smoked Chili Pepper Infused

Runamok Maple

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Infused with Merquén, a chili blend from the Mapuche region of Chile. The peppers are ripened to a dark red color to develop rich flavor then slow smoked over a fire. When they're infused in RM maple syrup, all of the profiles of the pepper – the heat, the smokiness and the rich pepper taste are magnified by the caramel tones of the maple. Use this one over cheddar cheese, bbq, vinaigrettes, roasted vegetables or meats. And just a half teaspoon in a cocktail will give the drink a bit of spice and mystery. Please note: While RM maple syrup is Certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers, the Merquén blend has not been certified organic.

250 mL

Ingredients: organic maple syrup infused with merquen (smoked chili pepper blend).

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