marsh ruby GRAPEFRUIT shrub (mini 3.4 oz) (Retail)

marsh ruby GRAPEFRUIT shrub (mini 3.4 oz) (Retail)


The marsh ruby GRAPEFRUIT shrub is not too sweet, intensely grapefruity, with a touch of bitterness and bright tartness (think grown-up Squirt soda concentrate). INNA infuses the grapefruit peels in the syrup for 6 weeks, so the resulting flavor is complex and rich and ultra-grapefruity. Add a splash of grapefruit shrub to a white (or rose) wine to transform it into an grapefruit aperitif wine reminiscent of vin de pamplemousse. You could keep it low ABV and simply serve the wine+shrub over ice, or for a more traditional fortified wine potency, add a splash of vodka to the glass as well.

3.4 fl oz

Ingredients:organic marsh ruby grapefruit, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic white wine vinegar

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