12 Vial Set (Retail)

12 Vial Set (Retail)

Jacobsen Salt Co.

Sample the full Jacobsen Infused Salt line with this complete vial set. Each box contains 12 vials and comes with tasting notes for each salt flavor. Each vial contains 8-10 grams of salt depending on the flake size. Includes the following salts: Pure Flake Salt • Rosemary Salt • Vanilla Bean Salt • Habanero Salt • Pinot Noir Salt • Garlic Salt • Smoked Cherrywood Salt • Black Garlic Salt • Lemon Zest Salt • Black Pepper Salt • Ghost Chili Salt • Basil Salt

1 unit

Ingredients: jacobsen sea salt, lemon zest, vanilla bean, pinot noir, cherrwood smoked salt, ghost chili peppers, , rosemary, pinot noir, black garlic, tellicherry peppercorns, habanero, basil

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