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PB&J's are a staple in school lunches from kindergarten through college, and they should continue to be a staple beyond our school years. We came up with our favorite adult PB&J using Eliot's Adult Nut Butters Honey Chipotle Peanut Butter.  We combined this bold nut butter with peach jam, and for good measure, grilled it until the contents were warm and gooey. 

Grilled Honey Chipotle and Peach PB&J

Yields 5 sandwiches

You will need:

10 slices good quality bread

About 2 Tbsp butter, softened

About 1/2 Cup Eliot's Adult Nut Butters Honey Chipotle Peanut Butter

About 1/2 Cup peach jam (we think this would also be good with apricot jam)


1. Lightly butter one side of each slice of bread, then turn them over. Smother half of the slices with peanut butter, and the other half with peach jam. Put the two slices together. 

2. Heat a large skillet over medium heat.  Fit 2-3 of the sandwiches on at a time.  When the bottoms turn golden brown, flip and cook until the other side is, too. 

3. Enjoy with a glass of milk! 



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